Alan Moore is returning to the small screen with his first series for HBO

‘Watchmen,’ a TV hit for HBO, was ’embarrassing’ for the comic’s creator Alan Moore.

Comics legend Alan Moore is returning to the small screen with his first series for the US network HBO.

The Watchmen comic book series, which was recently adapted into a hit movie, is one of the biggest hits in television history and has helped to revive the popularity of superhero characters. The character itself is a throwback to the 1960s, featuring a superhero who has red skin and a bald head and has to be on the run from an elite group of government agents called ‘the Watchmen’. Now Moore is adapting another classic comic, Watchmen: The Complete First Series, into an HBO show, which is being called ‘Watchmen: The Complete First Series’.

The first series begins with Watchmen’s origin, as he lives with his mother in a suburb of Detroit, in the 1960s. The series then follows the adventures of his ‘brothers’, John Blake and Selina Kyle, in New York City, before moving on to San Francisco, where the two meet their other ‘brothers’, Henry Geld and Doctor Manhattan. By the end of the series, the two families have become estranged, but meet during a visit to New York, when Selina decides to visit her father in Detroit.

However, Moore told the Hollywood Reporter he was surprised at how the first watchmen series “embarrassed” him and how it was not just a job, but one “that for me was a personal quest to learn how to adapt from comic books the methods of filmmaking”.

“It was a new challenge and a good one and I wanted to do it well,” he added. He said he was also happy with the performance of the cast, director Daniel Sackheim, and the series’ theme music, by Mark Adler – who also wrote the music to his TV series Mad Men and Breaking Bad. “I thought

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