Durst’s exit from the reality TV show “The Walking Dead”

Selma Blair exits ‘Dancing With the Stars’ due to MS complications: ‘I can’t go on’

Will Durst, known for his role on ‘Cops’ and ‘Ally McBeal’ and for his own TV show ‘Will and Grace,’ had been on the dance floor with wife LaToya on Monday night. (A photo posted on Twitter by his wife’s account shows the couple, dressed up as Batman and Robin, making an appearance on the set.)

Durst posted the photo — which shows him standing next to LaToya, who sports the Batman-themed outfit on her Instagram account — to his Twitter account, saying that the pair were “hanging out at the club as we always do.”

The two later posted a similar photo to Instagram, captioned simply, “Batman and Robin.”

Durst, 33, said in a statement later Monday that he’s “been dealing with severe MS for the past year and a half” and that “it has been a struggle to learn how to walk.”

“I have been through the unimaginable, I have been through the fear, I have been through the anger. But what I’ve learned is that in sickness and in health, we are all the same,” he said. “I want everyone to continue to be the light and hope for all of us.”

Blair, 36, said that she and Durst “love and respect each other to be who we are. We are a team, and we are lucky to be who we are today.”

The couple have been married for two years.

Durst, a former reality TV star, had been on the show five years, after he met Blair in 2015. He and his wife have two children together, 6-year-old River and 3-year-old Theodore.

A source told TMZ that fans have been asking for Durst’s exit since the final episode aired Monday night.

“Will wanted to exit the show because he saw that he needed time for himself and his children. He is currently with his kids,” the source said. “When he told Will they were upset because he wanted to leave so they could have some time without him on the show the response was, “Dude, you are an idiot for being here

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