Los Angeles County is rolling out free coronavirus testing to help the public determine if they need to self-quarantine

L.A. County gives COVID shots at home. Advocates fear ‘people just don’t know about this’

In a city, where few are immune and everyone is at risk, it can be hard for people to grasp the difference between testing, quarantine and lockdown.

The virus is making headlines, as we reported in Tuesday’s installment. Some reports call it a pandemic, others a virus.

In the meantime, Los Angeles County was rolling out free coronavirus testing to help the public and health care workers determine if they need to self-quarantine.

One person was taken to the hospital on Monday, but it wasn’t immediately clear if he has COVID-19.

The county has sent out emails to residents and businesses, alerting them to the free testing and how to make sure their health care providers know where they’ve been exposed to the virus.

It’s part of a system in place in California to test anyone who comes into contact with someone with symptoms that could be infected with COVID-19.

It’s a bit unclear how the information will be presented to the public.

“You don’t know how it will be presented, and it will be presented a little bit differently for each person who is testing, and we will have our office staff review all of the content on these emails to make sure that everything is going correctly,” said Dr. Hilda Salas, the county’s director of public health.

As we have previously reported, the county says it is still waiting on the results from the two testing sites it is offering free of charge for anyone who tests positive.

An email to residents who have been exposed to the virus was sent out just before 5 p.m. Monday, informing them to call their local health care provider.

“Each of you has been sent an email. Please visit the county’s website to confirm that you’ve been exposed and to check if a hospital or clinic is willing to quarantine you or your family member,” the email reads. “For your safety, any exposure you have is being treated as a potential COVID-19 exposure and all potential exposures should be reported to the CDC. Contact your health care provider and/or call 954-567-3450 to report to the county’s website.”

This is the first part of the county’s plan to

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