Roger Federer is banned from the US Open because he refuses to follow the lockdown protocols

Novak Djokovic withdraws from the US Open. He is unvaccinated against Covid-19 and not allowed to receive a visa and enter the country. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) decided against him to attend the tournament. It is reported that he has contracted the virus and he was removed from the tour because of its safety concerns. The withdrawal means he goes on the rest of the year’s World Tour, which was cancelled just a week before. The official reason was that he is unvaccinated and he has not been able to obtain a visa to enter the country. Djokovic is in his late 30s and he had not been diagnosed with Covid-19.

A similar situation was in 2018, when Rafael Nadal had to pull out of Wimbledon, because he was unvaccinated against coronavirus, as well as to play the event.

There are three players in the world of big tennis who cannot enter the country to play in the US Open, because he contracted Covid-19: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

The Serbian star, Djokovic, has not been able to enter the country for 10 days due to the travel restrictions put in place after the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. Djokovic took a break from tennis since the beginning of April and he hopes to take part in the event. His coach has even said that the virus has not affected on his health and that he is as fit as ever. It is expected that the Serbian player will not come to the US Open, but just as soon as he can, the ATP and WTA want him to be present.

However, the third player who has not been able to enter the country is Roger Federer, who was banned because he refuses to follow Italy’s lockdown protocols.

The world tennis world champion and the most famous man in the sport have been excluded from the tournament because they refuse to follow the coronavirus protocols. Many top tennis players are not allowed to play on clay in the US Open. Djokovic and Federer are not affected by the virus at all, but the other player in question would have been left with no choice but to withdraw from the tournament, because he is not allowed to enter the country due to the lockdown protocols.

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