Toronto Mayor John Tory says he’s working hard to fight COVID-19

Toronto sets January date for city workers to return to the office, amid rising COVID-19 cases, Omicron uncertainty


June 2, 2020

Toronto has agreed to let city workers return to the office at an accelerated rate in January as it considers a move to re-open the city without restrictions.

The announcement comes as Toronto continues to struggle to contain the spread of the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus, despite being one of the world’s most modern and prosperous cities.

“The last month has been very difficult,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. His office has been working around the clock with city officials, unions, hospital partners, and public health agencies to combat the pandemic, and is preparing to launch an unprecedented $10 million fund to help businesses and residents as the virus continues to spread.

“While we do have challenges and challenges we face, one thing we know for a fact is that we have very good people working in city hall,” Tory said Monday. Toronto’s last major outbreak, in the summer of 2020, took the entire city by surprise, including Tory and his staff, who were only in the city for a half-week.

This time, Tory said, it will be different. “We have a great team,” he said. “The people who are working with me and I am looking over them and I’m giving them the best possible tools to help fight it.”

Tory is in the office at least every other day to see how the virus is impacting the city.

On Monday, he had scheduled a meeting with city councilor Rob Ford to discuss the city’s response to the virus. There are currently only about 400 hospital beds available for patients, he said.

“We’re very serious about making sure we’re ready for whatever comes at

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