Amanda Todd’s parents say police are wasting their time to investigate a case

The family of a woman who vanished 8 months ago in Wyoming is frustrated by a new delay in their search.

Police have called for more information about Amanda Todd, who disappeared on March 10 last year and whose body has never been found.

But the family are now facing another problem because law enforcement said the time it takes to investigate such a case is too long.

It may be too early to bring in officers to search for Todd, but Todd’s relatives say they are now worried about whether their loved one will ever be found.

The police in Sheridan are now investigating possible connections between Todd and murder, but have not said anything about the case involving Todd’s father, Paul Todd.

Police were initially called to the family’s home in the city in September after Paul was reported missing. Detectives searched the home to look for clues and Paul’s wife said last week her husband had left her behind.

Image: Amanda Todd was reported missing in Wyoming on March 10 last year

But her parents say even more questions are now being asked. And they are angry at the police.

A lawyer for the Todd family said: “To date, the department has taken 8 months to investigate this case and they have requested additional information, all so they can make their next move. They have not taken any action to find Amanda, or have asked to speak with any witnesses or for any other information.

“The police are wasting their time to investigate a case and we are wasting ours responding to all these media requests because there is absolutely nowhere for Amanda to hide and we are wasting our time getting the truth about this case.”

Image: The Todd family want a complete, independent investigation over the police investigation

The family have spoken publicly in the past about Paul being abusive towards Amanda and their family, and have said Paul had a violent past which he tried to hide from them.

But on Wednesday, police said they could not make any formal connection between Amanda and the murder probe in the state, and did not want to make any inquiries into her disappearance until a formal report was made.

Paul’s family believe he also abused their daughter in the past, after meeting her and their first meeting took place when he visited

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