Bob Dylan — The Story of the Gift of Hope

He sold top business minds on a TV show that promised to save the world – and make them famous. They handed over thousands. Then reality set in. And then they sold their biggest clients and investors on a TV show that promised to save the world – and make them famous…

But for every one of them the reality was different. For their first big client, they made a fortune. For their biggest two, they lost their jobs. And for the third, their best client, they lost their client.

These are among the most successful entrepreneurs, leaders and founders, in the history of the world, who faced a crisis of faith, and gave up on their dream: a life where they would go out every night to do something that would make them famous.

Theirs was a story of unfulfilled promise: a dream to help people live and work longer, healthier and happier lives; a promise that there would be financial freedom, and a lifestyle to match.

Theirs was a story of the extraordinary power of what we call the ‘gift of hope’ – a simple gesture of compassion and love that changes the world… forever.

Who were these extraordinary people?

The first: Bob Dylan

You might have heard of the man called Bob Dylan. You might have heard of his voice. But until you have heard his story, you probably have no idea what he has done.

Born in 1917 in the small town of Hibbing, Minnesota, Dylan was known by his friends and neighbours simply as the ‘Hobo’.

From the age of 14 he had been a talented musician, playing the tin whistle, harmonica, pennywhistle and banjo. He had attended public school, where he excelled in mathematics, science and English.

He first achieved fame as the drummer in the local town band, the Hibbing High School High Jumping Team, and went on to play with several other bands.

But his real talent was as a songwriter and performer – and not just his songs either. Dylan took songs from everywhere and wrote songs that he felt spoke to him, and sang of themes ranging from life and the American dream to a desire to

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