Ivan Reitman allegedly targeted Melissa McEwan on the set of ‘Happy Endings’

Anna Faris claims director Ivan Reitman was abusive on ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ set

By Melissa McEwan

20th March 2019,12:18 pm

The actress was so upset she went to the set of ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ with her daughter and tried to tell the director that a joke was not funny

Melissa McEwan is hoping to use new facts to convince a judge that she was unfairly targeted by Ivan Reitman on the set of his new movie.

The actress claims that on a shoot for the new movie in October last year she was made to do a routine dance routine, where she had to sit down on the floor with her back to the camera and had to pretend that she was a horse riding in the air.

The ‘Happy Endings’ actress claims she was told to do the routine, which is in reference to the film’s main storyline as she was allegedly targeted by a stalker.

Miss McEwan claims that whilst she tried to laugh it off, Reitman made her do it as she explained to her daughter.

She told INSIDER, “That’s where I was like this is crazy, what is going through your head.

“I was going to do the horse thing on set, and then my boyfriend comes in and does the ‘Happy Endings’ dance with me,” Melissa told INSIDER.

Her daughter, Alex, then tried to convince Reitman it looked funny, and Melissa was left in tears saying her daughter was right.

“He says do you think there’s a camera on us or something,” Melissa said.

Reitman allegedly replied: “Are you serious? I don’t even have a camera on me.

“We’re all on the floor, and we’re pretending – there’s no camera on us. Like he didn’t understand. Do you think there’s a camera on us?” Melissa said.


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