Sandy Hook Shooter’s Lawyer Announces New Jury Decision

Alex Jones seeks new trial after Sandy Hook verdict of almost $1 billion

The verdict for Sandy Hook parents of child gunned down in 2012, came as the verdict for Sandy Hook victim’s families was also announced. After nearly two years of litigation, the 9-member jury found that the shooter was not criminally responsible for the death of the four victims. Despite the ruling, the families still had to pay a portion of the settlement to cover medical bills from the shooting. They agreed to the payment, but Jones is seeking a new trial, and the family of the deceased, who survived the attack, are suing him for negligence.

In the verdict announcement, a panel of three panel members and three alternates agreed the shooter was not criminally responsible for the deaths, and Jones’ lawyer said he plans to appeal. The panel said “There was insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Defendant’s mental state was such that he could distinguish between right and wrong when he committed the acts or failed to prevent them,” according to court records. They did, however, find that he was criminally responsible, but they did not agree he was legally responsible. Jones has had court battles in the past with prosecutors from New York’s office of the attorney general.

The Associated Press reports:

A court had earlier said the gunman, Adam Lanza, was criminally responsible and deserved punishment but did not say whether he should receive a prison sentence.

Jones, whose wife and 14-year-old daughter were killed in the attack, was accused of sending text messages over the Internet that blamed Jews and others for the attacks.

In 2013, a federal jury found him guilty of making false statements, but he was acquitted of other charges. He has appealed the verdict, and New York State Supreme Court Judge Janet Neff ruled Jones is not entitled to a new trial.

He has a history of mental health problems that have caused him to suffer from psychosis and delusions, the AP reports.

The judge says the Sandy Hook families still have to pay for

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